Other than having more resources, a very good reason why you may get your own web server and use it instead of a shared web hosting plan is the fact you are able to install and run a wide selection of software. With a shared account, you could use applications, that do not require root access and are not set up server-side, so in case you need specific software for your web sites, you cannot do the installation on a shared hosting server. This is not so with a hosting server of your own in which you are able to install whatever you need. The downside is that you may not have much experience and handling your own machine is more difficult that managing a shared Internet hosting account where the company takes care of the majority of things. That's why we offer another service for our hosting server packages called Installation & Troubleshooting and you can take full advantage of it any time you come across any difficulties with the administration of your hosting server.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Hosting

You can take full advantage of our service at any moment if you have a dedicated server from our company and you'll be able to add it to your plan with just a couple of mouse clicks. If you need some custom work on the server immediately, for instance, you can get the upgrade along with the plan during the signup procedure, or you could obtain it from your billing area if you need help at some point later. The Installation & You with any task which you cannot do on your own for one reason or another - install a script, set it up or troubleshoot it. Thus, you are able to concentrate on building your Internet sites without spending time on server maintenance or software problems since our skilled staff shall take care of these things for you. You'll be able to add the upgrade as many times as you require it and in case some time is left, it'll be listed inside your billing Control Panel, so you may use it when you need it again.