Regardless of the fact that the web hosting service offered by the different companies is practically identical, each provider has got their own platform with its own tweaks and different ways to accomplish given things. In situations like this, an info-rich knowledge base would be unbelievably useful both for people with zero practical experience and for technically savvy users who will ultimately find out how given tasks are accomplished, but will lose precious time in the meantime. The purpose of such a knowledge base is to make the hosting service quick and easy to use, sparing users loads of time and efforts. The outcome is more contented customers, as they can swiftly find the info they want, and less work for the help desk support staff representatives, because usually most of the queries and problems that customers have got are already outlined in the knowledge base. On the condition that the articles are professionally written and cover more topics, you’ll be able to find out more not only about your account, but also about the web hosting service in general.

Extensive Online Documentation in Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans feature a detailed knowledge base where you can find information about all the obstacles that you could possibly encounter and their solutions. You can learn how to create and administer an electronic mailing list, how to use an .htaccess config file, or how to continue in case the settings of your email client are accurate, but nevertheless you’re unable to send email messages, for instance. We have tried our best to be as comprehensive as possible and to encompass all possible options in order to save you time and effort and to offer you different solutions for each problem. The knowledge base features educative articles as well – both general ones about the web hosting service as a whole, and more specific ones, which will let you in on the features and functions of the Hepsia Control Panel. You can find relevant articles about specific functions and features in every section of the Control Panel, while if you’d like to browse through the whole collection of articles, you can visit the dedicated Help section.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our company’s semi-dedicated servers come bundled with an elaborate online article repository where you can find any info that you might require about our web hosting services or about the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that we’re using. We’ve created it based on the feedback that we’ve acquired from our customers throughout the years and, as a result, our articles cover particular issues that you may run into and include the most efficient way to recover them, for example receiving a 500 Internal Server Error message or being unable to send email messages from your desktop PC although you have the right outgoing mail server settings. The articles are available in every Control Panel section and you can access them at any given moment. They can help you increase your knowledge not only about our platform, but also about the hosting realm in general, as they include exhaustive guides and general info such as what cron jobs or file permissions are.