The term "disk space" may also be called "disk quota" or "data storage", still all these terms mean the same thing - the amount of info that you'll be able to upload to a web hosting account. The total size of what you have is calculated by accumulating the storage space taken by the entire content within your account, the most apparent being the types of files that you upload. Two other things are frequently ignored by a lot of users, though - e-mails as well as databases. Large attachments and databases of big script-driven sites can often need a lot of storage space too. To employ a more common analogy, the hdd space of your home computer is taken not only by files you download, but additionally by documents you create as well as software programs you install. In a similar way, many things are counted in the disk space that your information takes on a web hosting server, not only the uploads.

Disk Space in Web Hosting

All of our web hosting packages were designed with the notion that limited hard disk space should not be a thing that can prevent the development of your websites. That's why we have applied an approach which is distinct from the one that most website hosting providers take - instead of just making all of the accounts using one server and eventually not having enough storage space, we employ a cloud hosting platform in which the storage space is taken care of by a whole collection of servers. In this way, we're able to connect more machines whenever they're needed and / or more HDDs, to be able to provide you with additional disk space for all of the files of our clients. Individual clusters take care of the email messages as well as the databases, thus not only is it possible to enhance your sites not worrying about space, but also all the servers will function faster and better since every single service does have its space for storing and one server doesn't handle different kinds of files.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting

All of our semi-dedicated server plans have "disk space" as a characteristic to emphasize that it's really limitless. We were able to make that happen with the use of a progressive, custom-built cloud hosting system, where your emails, databases and files will be stored on individual clusters of servers. We will add additional hard disk drives or whole servers to all of the clusters and at any time, and our web hosting Control Panel is designed to work with this type of system. In contrast, the vast majority of Control Panels on the hosting market can function only on one server, and irrespective of what many suppliers advertise, they actually create various accounts on just a single machine. Using a semi-dedicated server plan from our company, you will never have to worry about disk storage limits and you are able to focus on expanding your web sites.

Disk Space in Dedicated Hosting

Using our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages you will get all of the storage space that you may need for your web sites, databases, e-mails and apps. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage space will be at your disposal and not shared with others, hence you'll be able to upload all of the data you will need - web site files, personal or company archive backup copies, and so on. You will have a minimum of two hard disks that function well in RAID, so that one drive will mirror the other in real time in order to make sure that all your precious content is always protected. If you prefer, you can use the drives separately and employ the full space in any way you see fit. If required, you may also get supplementary hard disk drives connected to your server and have even additional storage space. You have the option to create website hosting accounts with pre-defined disk space allocations when you get your server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the website hosting Control Panel. Selecting Hepsia, which is the 3rd Control Panel solution on the order page, all of the domain names hosted on the server will share the HDD storage and they will be handled via a single account. Either way, our dedicated plans will satisfy all of your demands whatever the kind of website you want to host.