To keep a fast streaming website, you must have a plain and well written back–end code. Inside the Hosting Control Panel, you can find a variety of instruments that can help you speed up your website’s performance without having to revise anything inside the code. The Website Accelerators – Node.js, Memcached and Varnish will not just assist you to supply faster streaming speeds to your visitors and therefore minimize site exit rates, but also will skyrocket your website higher in the search engine results.

To implement the Website Accelerators, simply access your Hosting Control Panel and produce an instance for the one you want.


RAM–storing in place of database requests

When you have a data–base–driven website or app, and if database calls tend to lower the performance, this can be really disheartening to the website visitors and the web app users. Searching for a remedy can typically demand a considerable amount of time. Nonetheless, within the Westind Technologies LLC Hosting Control Panel, you will discover a remedy for you.

Memcached is an easy, yet potent distributed memory caching system, that collects information and objects in the RAM. In this way, the database–stored info on your website does not need to be querried every time a visitor loads the exact same page.

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RAM–saving as an alternative to HTTP queries

If you have content–loaded busy web sites with many different images plus videos, you will surely need to be sure that your pages come up really fast for the site visitors. An awesome instrument you should use is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that can help you quicken up your sites without needing you to have any specialized tech capabilities.

Varnish caches all demands to the server in the server memory and provides the webpages speedily to the visitor by making unnecessary new queries towards the server. That way, the pages on your site will be opened 300 – 1000x times faster to your customers. Also, you can choose if the arriving requests will be managed by Varnish, or by the server, etcetera.

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An effective way to create adaptable applications

If you wish to build an application, it is best to have the instruments you’ll need on hand right away, without the need to hunt, arrange and set them up. The Hosting Control Panel can help you save both the time and expenses, by offering you the instruments you will want right where you need it.

The Node.js application permits developers, whether or not they are industry experts or not, to produce adaptable network applications and sites. It is using the Google V8 JavaScript engine and the libUV. Node.js takes advantage of an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it light–weight and also effective, perfect for data–loaded live applications running through distributed devices.

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